Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Precious Shadow Intense Direct
Precious Shadows

Intense Direct Pigment

Experiment with color and express your personality with Precious Shadows Intense Direct Pigments. Thanks to the Micro Pure Pigment Technology, the pigments are exceptionally pure and intense and deliver full, vibrant and long-lasting colors. The creamy but highly compact consistency makes application easy and precise. Several shades can be combined on the same strand, creating structured color effects and delivering the desired effect down to the very last detail. The Multi-Vitamin Complex in the formula nourishes deep down, for healthier, more brilliant-looking hair. Developer is not required and the pigments are all free from Ammonia and PPD.

Pre-light hair first to obtain brighter colors. Apply to dry hair, do not apply to the scalp and do not mix with water or oxidizing emulsions. Wear suitable gloves. First wash and dry hair (remember: only the No Yellow shade must be applied to wet hair) then divide it into narrow sections. Apply the color or combination of colors to lengths and ends using a comb or brush, avoiding contact with the scalp. Leave for the recommended processing time then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not shampoo hair. Style as desired. Avoid using hair straighteners or similar tools immediately after application to prolong the color. Test the color on a strand of hair to choose the correct shade.

  • The No Yellow shade can be used to tone or eliminate unwanted yellow tones on blond or grey hair. Always apply to washed and towel-dried hair. The Naked shade is used to create pastel colors or as a gloss for extra sheen. It can be used with any color apart from No Yellow.
  • Do NOT mix Direct Pigments with any other permanent or semi-permanent color.

Reflex Color Mask

Color Masks

The Reflex Color Masks take care of your hair in depth to nourish and polish it, giving intense and shiny reflects according to the color chosen and the starting base color. Care and color in a single action: the Reflex Color Masks can be used as a real “make-up” for the hair. They allow you to express your personality playing with decise colors or mixing several shades. Customized effects, to be changed each time you want to be in trend with any style necessity.

Shampoo first, then wearing disposable gloves, apply on damp hair using a comb or brush to spread the product evenly on lengths and ends, avoiding touching the scalp (do not apply the Black Color Mask on white hair). Leave on from 5 to 40 minutes depending on the intensity of the shade you want to obtain. Rinse carefully and do not shampoo again. The final color result varies depending on the type and base color of the hair.

  • The Neutral Color Mask can be mixed with all the other colors of the range to create variations of shade or used alone to guarantee intense shine.

Oxidant Milk
Oxidant Milk

7 Vol.

The Creamy Oxidants provide a permanent cosmetic coloration with full coverage of grey hair and an even long-lasting color.

Mix one part of Green Light Luxury Haircolor and two parts of Creamy Oxidant.

Ingredients and function
Protective agents such as cosmetic Glycerin and White Mineral Oil keep hair soft, bright and hydrated during coloring or bleaching treatments.

Tonality Soft Coloring Cream

Soft Coloring Cream

An Ammonia Free formulation, extremely effective in terms of coverage, protection, shine and duration, while fully respecting the pH level of the hair.

Ingredients and function
Enriched by Honey with antioxidant and hydrating properties and Citrus Amara, Bitter Orange Peel extract, that gives a moisturizing and nourishing effect to the steam.


Luxury Hair Color shades can also be utilized as a Semi Permanent Hair Color by using lesser volume developers in the stylists toning formulations.

The Luxury Hair Color collection also includes Precious Shadows, intense direct pigments, and Reflex, color masks for the sophisticated client for semi-permanent results.

Precious Shadows offers the colorist creative options to experiment with color and express your personality with pure intense direct dye micro pigments that deliver full, vibrant, long lasting colors. Shades can be mixed amongst themselves and never need developer that are free from ammonia and PPDs.

Reflex Color Masks take care of your hair in depth to nourish and polish by giving intense and shiny reflects with the chosen shade. Reflex Color Masks offer color and care in a single action. One can express their creativity by mixing or using a single shade for trendy styles and contemporary looks. Shampoo hair first and apply Reflex Color Masks to damp hair and comb through hair, leave on hair 5-40 minutes for degree of intensity and carefully rinse out, not shampoo. Keep off the scalp during application for complete client satisfaction.