Permanent Hair Color

Coloring Cream

Coloring Cream

Luxury Haircolor Permanent Color Cream guarantees an efficient and totally safe coloring treatment. The color is intense and shiny, it fully covers grey hair and allows infinite creative combinations. This color protects the hair thanks to the properties of White Tea (antioxidant and protective) and Orchid Butter (it gives elasticity, volume and shine).

Ingredients and functions
White Tea has antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties and it neutralizes and protects from UV rays and pollution, while Orchid Butter nourishes and hydrates the hair structure providing elasticity, volume and shine.

Oxidant Milk 10 Volume
Oxidant Milk

10, 20, 30, 40 Vol.

The Creamy Oxidants provide a permanent cosmetic coloration with full coverage of grey hair and an even long-lasting color.

Mix one part of Green Light Luxury Haircolor and two parts of Creamy Oxidant.

Ingredients and function
Protective agents such as cosmetic Glycerin and White Mineral Oil keep hair soft, bright and hydrated during coloring or bleaching treatments.

Metallic Collection
Metallic Collection

6.111 - 10.111

The unique and ammonia-free hair color "Luxury Haircolor" by Italian Green Light is enriched with white tea and orchid butter. White tea has antioxidant, tonic and anti-inflammatory properties that neutralize and protect against UV radiation and impurities. Orchid butter moisturizes the structure of the hair, provides nutrition as well as elasticity, volume and shine.

Green Light Luxury Haircolor is developed with ingredients that take into account the user and the environment. They have a pleasant scent and are of course not tested on animals.


Luxury Hair Color’s permanent hair color is a mixture of low concentrations of ammonia, exclusive proprietary color pigments and a scientifically formulated crème base with innovative ingredients.

Luxury Hair Color utilizes unique proprietary pigments, 98.8%, pure and micro in size. The natural series ammonia percentage .5 of 1% and the high lift series the ammonia percentage is under 1%.

The advanced formulated crème base contains unique ingredients like Orchid Butter and Green Tea to protect the delicate color pigments besides hair and scalp. Sensitivity associated with Luxury Hair Color is almost non-existent; however, gray coverage, longevity of color, depth of color and shine are exceptional.

Luxury Hair Color offers 150 shades including correctors and a booster, Joker, that supplies the professional color salon and discriminating colorist all the tools needed to enhance and expand their creativity.

In keeping with current hair coloring trends Luxury Hair Color also has introduced a new range of contemporary gray shades.